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I don't know how many times i'm watching the greatest love....everytime i watched it my heart filled with love and joy..... Take care of your health because i still want to see you in another GREAT Show...

I applaud the actors and actresses as well as the writers and directors, not one flaw at all as far as I am concerned.... It' s really an honor watching your great talent.... that's I'm looking forward to finish his new comedy love drama.. I really like his eyes , his very sexy abs , his voice and the tattoos.. From interviews I've seen of him, he's very charismatic and funny in real life....something that grabs your attention and leaves you smiling while wanting more.

Sunday 31st December pm Tickets (Plus online booking fee) DANCE FLOOR OPEN EUROLATINO Eurolatino brings to you a unique mixture of entertainment featuring romantic Italian sounds to the pulsating Latino rhythms and visual excitement of the Mediterranean.

The show features Paul Cincotta & Lisa Lombardo who come together to form an exciting duo performing vocal and instrumental favourites in English, Italian & Latin.

from then on i watched TGL and some of his famous movies ... This man is such a great person despite some of his villain roles.

You’ll hear legendary songs including Sweet Caroline, Cracklin’ Rosie, Song Sung Blue, Holly Holly, Kentucky Woman, Beautiful Noise, Sex Bomb, Delilah, It’s Not Unusual, Help Yourself, What’s New Pussycat and many more!

Hope to see you soon in Romantic comedy drama again like TGL and City a Lead or Main Actor.. here in the philippines is airing the greatest love which i love the most,its funny,romantic,love the attitude its cute & love the cast so much..lead actor is great now im falling for him....inspire me i wish i could find someone like you in the watch more of your movies greatest love one of the best korean movie i ever watch! :) his wife is truly lucky :))) fighting Cha s Eung Won hi!! You are an actor with great acting in every roles.... I pray you'll be making a movie in Hollywood as Superhero just like Dok Go jin....*HAHAHA*.... I'm 22 (and my dad 51 so supposed u'll be my uncle in ur 42 xoxo) buuut.god's sake! Cha seung won, there are many handsome actors in SK but you.attention w/ ur family and protecting them so much makes you gonna be perfect figure of a man for me and women outhere for sure :) So, keep it up Oppa! I love it so much^^ My aunty who is 15 years older than me cant take her eyes off of you since "City Hall" and now it's my turn....

Crazy catch up with the episodes i bought the dvd copies of your drama series including Athena...i did so because after office i can no longer watch the episode here in our local see you more...saranghe... " This is the thing that would always remind me of his great acting skills :")) i really love him ! It is very rare in entertainment industry, a familyman good looking sexy hot actor who is married once for over 23 years (and still going strong...). Actually I'm new fan of you and already watched your drama the greetest love. You're such a great adorable actor which is from arrogant to lovable u play very well.

I pray to god for ur all success and happiness will come ever. Sir if i know that you will receive this comment or heared by any one i will be proud and glad that my hero received my comment it was a greatest plessure to me. Desperately waiting for High Heels and You're All Surrounded!! Cha seung Won, your my favorite korean actor,,you're the best and you're so handsome,sexy and gorgeous...I really like you because you love your family so much. I like his act..his personality..he is very cute (to the highest level)...actually I like koreans that's why I'm studying korean language now... Hey there, though I just saw one of your TV series( The greatest Love) I can Say that You are absolutely Awesome darlin, I have to admire you for such a greaaaaaaaaaaaat acting!

YOU ARE MY GREATEST HERO WHO I WILL NEVER EVER FORGOT IN MY LIFE. I don't care what genre he stars in - action, rom-com, comedy, horror, melo, etc but just star in any drama/movie... It's a torture for CSW fans like me to wait that long!! I really love to see your handsome face, great body, sexy voice and great in acting.. GOD bless you always and please do take care of your health also ..:) Mr. Saranghae im an avid fan of koreans,i really love watching korean tv series even the greatest love is one of the most beautiful tv series that i've lead characters here are very great.,esp cha seung won..he's so handsome & good looking even if he's age is in 40's already..he's so talented,had a great body & so looking forward to see you in person.i had a chance to go in korea? it was the first time I saw cha seung won on his drama "the greatest love".... I like him ( its not a love confession so don't misunderstand)...

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